6. The Lovers

As a person

The Lovers enjoy the hedonistic aspects of life; good food, good humor and above all great companionship. They have a lot of trust and affection for others whilst omitting life’s finer details (like paying the rent), because they’re focused on enjoying the sensual aspects of living.

They have a tendency to become sulky when they feel a friend or partner is creating distance between each other. In actuality this may not be the case at all, they’re simply more accustomed to close relationships.



Lucky you! You’ve drawn the best cards in the pack. For a single querent The Lovers denotes that a union blessed by the heavens is about to occur in your life. If you’ve found yourself doubting that there’s a partner out there for you, you may be about to meet your soulmate.

Be sure to spruce yourself up, opportunity will come a-calling but it’s up to you to make a good impression!


Unity, loyalty, compassion are what spring to mind. For a querent already in a relationship The Lovers denotes that the mutual attraction will be sustained and will evolve into something even better.

Expect obstacles to fall by the wayside because together you’re a dream team.

Career & Money

This is a great omen for signing a contract or entering a business partnership, happiness and success go hand in hand with this card.

Make sure you feel firmly committed to any financial union you’re about to enter, there will be less strife backing out sooner rather than later!


The number 6 is often associated with determination, responsibility and reliability. In occult lore it is often associated with disloyalty, rebellion and treason, but these qualities can be simply regarded as a change in one’s loyalty.

It can bring relationships into question and make ourselves assess what we look for in a partner, what we’re willing to sacrifice to gain someone’s loyalty in return.


The Lovers is an excellent talisman to invoke:

  • business partnerships
  • romance
  • platonic relationships
  • loyalty
  • mutual understanding
  • a healthy dose of hedonism


The Fool
Puppy love, love at first sight.

The Magician
A third wheel or a wingman.

The High Priestess
Idealistic love.

The Empress
A union blessed by a matriarch, a mother in law.

The Emperor
The interference of a father-figure in a union.

The Hierophant
An official union, signing of a contract.

The Chariot
Passion unbound.

An unwavering union, loyalty.

The Hermit
To be isolated by one’s obsessions.

Wheel of Fortune
A ride or die relationship.

Willing to work through issues in a union.

The Hanged Man
Self-sacrifice in a relationship.

The end of a union.

Shared obligations, give and take in a union.

The Devil
An obsessive relationship.

The Tower
A relationship based on physical fascination.

The Star
Star-crossed lovers.

The Moon
Mutual intuitive understanding.

The Sun
A long-lived happy union, happy ever after.

To balance desires with obligations.

The World
Commitment to long-term plans.