4. The Emperor

As a person

The Emperor denotes the arrival of a person that exudes in equal measure authority and stability. He’s usually an individual that has established power and for this reason is often associated with older individuals, those who have established wealth and father figures. Generally these are people that stick to patriarchal roles.



For a woman the Emperor denotes the arrival of a man that is on the older side of the spectrum. He easily takes on the role of an alpha male and has a propensity for being antiquated in his views on courtship, his ideal woman embodies the Empress.

For a man the appearance of this card often suggests that the querent needs to “man up”, take on the role of the pursuer and actively look for a partner. If there’s an object of affection in view, the Emperor is telling you to summon your confidence and make a move.


For a woman this card denotes stability and the opportunity for marriage. The Emperor has gathered enough personal maturity through their youthful wanderings that they are looking for someone permanent to settle down with.

For a man, this may mean there will be opposition on the horizon in terms of marriage. It’s possible that the querent may not be perceived as serious enough to start a home with the object of his affections. If this is the case, it is best to show resilience and maturity in the face of adversity. When faced with The Emperor, prove yourself to be just as tough!

Career & Money

The Emperor in modern terms can be interpreted as a wealthy businessman, someone that was worked hard to achieve his status. In career and money he brings with him a sense of grounded stability and in more literal terms he may embody a serious business opportunity that is about to appear.

Be mindful to treat your finances as an Emperor would, frugality keeps the kingdom secure.


The number 4 is often accompanied by stability, practicality, traditional values and strong foundations. It is a somewhat frugal number, a chair with four legs is enough to stabile, one more would be an extravagance, one less would be less secure.

The number poses the question of what is necessary and what you can live without.


The Emperor is an excellent talisman to invoke:

  • stability in the home
  • financial security
  • alpha-male confidence
  • serious business partners
  • a wisdom-filled mentor
  • fatherly insight


The Fool
A father and son relationship.

The Magician
A mentor that takes pride in their mentee.

The High Priestess
A father daughter relationship.

The Empress
Old-fashioned social roles, a nuclear family.

The Hierophant
To seek the divine, to ascend above the material plane.

The Lovers
A mechanically arranged situation, a formal treaty or partnership.

The Chariot
Conviction leads to revolutionary change.

A firm, determined ruler.

The Hermit
The man behind the curtain, the master of puppets.

Wheel of Fortune
To take risks with huge repercussions.

A civil servant, to have moral obligation towards a cause.

The Hanged Man
To lose one’s grip on power, to be replaced.

A tyrant that rules with an iron fist, to fall in line or get stepped on.

To be magnanimous, affection and generosity for all.

The Devil
Stubbornness to the point of insanity.

The Tower
Calamitous change of the highest order, no one is safe.

The Star
To be an established and respected individual in one’s circles.

The Moon
Melancholia caused by past achievements, to question one’s worth.

The Sun
To bring bountiful abundance through discipline.

To be judged on one’s executive decisions.

The World
Father Time, to leave behind a legacy.