3. The Empress

As a person

She’s warm, charismatic, generous and unwaveringly loyal and nurturing towards all and everything in her surroundings. The Empress is the epitome of the perfect mother figure, she has ample skill for pursuing crafts and the arts. She keeps an open house and is always happy to meet new people.

Embodying stereotypically feminine qualities she enjoys beauty and likes to surround herself with items that reflect her love for life.



For a woman finding the Empress in a love reading means that you are perceived as very desirable, people recognise your personal charms and wish to be in your majestic presence.

For a man it means that there’s “wife material” on the horizon, a woman is about to enter the querent’s life and may be staying for good!


For a person already in a relationship the Empress usually portends the topic of marriage, the creation of a family home usually which comes hand in hand with the arrival of children.

The Empress is a potent fertility symbol and a particularly strong omen for motherhood(!)

Career & Money

The Empress is a woman of many skills, she has learned many crafts and is viewed as accomplished among her peers. This is a woman that you would want as your boss as she is knowledgeable about all problems that may occur and also has buckets of empathy to know and appreciate when you are doing your best.

In terms of money, she brings with her abundance and bountiful opportunity when starting new projects or taking on new roles/responsibilities.


The number 3 is often accompanied with playful energy, in the same manner as a young child learns how to count. In new age lore the number is associated with the maid, mother and crone, a metaphor for the birth, life and death cycle.

It can also be associated with the universal rhythm of attaining maturity through the aforementioned life cycle. Each milestone in life brings with it opportunity for celebration in terms of what has been learned.


The Empress is an excellent talisman to invoke:

  • a loyal companion
  • one’s feminine qualities
  • a renewed love for life
  • sensitivity towards the arts
  • patience with oneself
  • motherly support in times of upheaval


The Fool
A mother and child relationship, one partner having to mentor the other.

The Magician
To have the patronage of a wise woman.

The High Priestess
A mother and daughter relationship, to be similar and yet different.

The Emperor
An enduring partnership, perfect synchronicity.

The Hierophant
Primadonna, holier-than-thou versus a grounded approach.

The Lovers
A mediator, to find what one seeks through another’s advice.

The Chariot
A football mom, to be thoroughly organized and know where one is heading.

Matriarchy, letting the feminine overpower the masculine.

The Hermit
A housewife, to be thrifty and prudent.

Wheel of Fortune
Success through intuition.

A governess, a strict woman that adheres to the rules.

The Hanged Man
Self-sacrifice for the betterment of one’s children/life’s works.

To need healing and rest.

A mother with no favorite child, abundance for all.

The Devil
A socialite, to know everyone’s business for one’s own advantage.

The Tower
To seek family advice during unexpected upheaval.

The Star
To be seen as broadly accomplished in many aspects of life.

The Moon
To find maturity through life cycles.

The Sun
Personal charm leads to growth of notoriety.

To be judged on one’s achievements/accomplishments.

The World
Mother nature, to inherently know the right thing to do.