20. Judgement

As a person

The first thing that springs to mind is… judgemental, but not necessarily in a negative way. Rarely does one find a friend that will be honest with you. Most of us have a tendency to sugar-coat an opinion or even outright tell a friend what they want to hear, even if it’s the exact opposite of what we’re actually thinking.

Honesty opens the opportunity for growth and is particularly rewarding when that same honesty is telling us we have done an exceedingly good job.



Have you been a little too Judgemental lately? Is nobody you’ve met quite up to parr? Everybody has that list of attributes we would like to see in a potential partner.

Try getting out of your comfort zone and dating someone who doesn’t fit your type. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how good a time you have.


For a couple, Judgement appears as a reminder to be self-reflective in one’s actions. If there’s issues with miscommunication or conflicts over trust, it’s good to analyse whether one’s actions are influencing this.

Step out of your own shoes and into your partner’s to better understand what is going through their mind.

Career & Money

An opportunity may have appeared in which one is being judged whether they are suitable for the role, promotion or business deal. If you have conducted yourself with due diligence you have a higher probability of being rewarded for it, however don’t forget that there are other factors such as favoritism that can influence a judgement to be unfair.


The number 20 is often associated with diplomacy and the weighing of opinions. When this number appears it’s good to take a well-rounded approach to any crossroad situation that has been put in front of view. Take the time to understand that everyone’s point of view is influenced by the unique life experiences they have had up to this point.

Consensus and co-operation can be achieved by searching how these opinions have been formed.


Judgement is an excellent talisman to invoke:

  • fair judgement on a situation
  • honesty
  • productive feedback
  • an unbiased friend
  • level-headedness
  • integrity


The Fool
To get away with something, to play the fool.

The Magician
To defend oneself in an inspired, imaginative way.

The High Priestess
To not be swayed by other people’s judgement of you.

The Empress
To receive a motherly intervention.

The Emperor
A judge, jury and executioner.

The Hierophant
For someone pious to pass judgement.

The Lovers
To make a calculating decision on whether a partnership is a good fit.

The Chariot
To race to fix things that were left by the wayside.

A person that readily passes opinion on others.

The Hermit
To be a scapegoat.

Wheel of Fortune
An unpredictable critic.

To be judged and receive a fair outcome.

The Hanged Man
To be judged and to be punished for one’s ineptitudes.

Judgement leads to an abrupt end of a situation or project.

Impartial judgement.

The Devil
To be judged for one’s excesses.

The Tower
Judgement leads to the collapse of a facade.

The Star
To be judged and deemed an exceptional example.

The Moon
Judgement leads to re-assessing one’s values.

The Sun
To be assessed, and receive the best outcome possible.

The World
To realign one’s priorities in life.