2. The High Priestess

As a person

They have a propensity for being lost in dreams and unable to manifest ideas in reality. Eternally young at heart and emotionally sensitive they can be easily wounded. With not having a care in the world comes the high risk of being irresponsible and flakey.



The High Priestess appears not because there aren’t opportunities on the horizon but because one is uncertain about what they are looking for in a person. If you were to find a partner consider what their hobby would be, their life plan and think about where you may find them.


Now is a good time for self-reflection on what could be better, The High Priestess brings with her solitude and contemplation, some things are best worked out between one another rather than involving third parties.

Career & Money

There are times for impulsive action, and there are times to think through all the possible options and outcomes before acting.

The High Priestess often indicates that not everything has been thought through and you might be working against your own instincts on a matter. If something doesn’t feel quite right, don’t let anyone rush you into a bad decision.


The number 2 is often used when speaking about a sidekick or faithful companion. It brings with it trust and cooperation, a symbioses of sharing skills and finding an equal balance of give and take.

With it comes a harmony of blending what is active with what is passive and finding a diplomatic solution to integrate two opposite effects.


The High Priestess is an excellent talisman to invoke:

  • patience and fortitude
  • a resolution through compromise
  • an appearance of poise and grace
  • a mask to hide your inner thoughts
  • prophetic dreams
  • stoicism in the face of chaos


The Fool
To be enamoured with lofty possibilities.

The Magician
A coquettish partnership, to find one’s match.

The Empress
A mother/teen daughter relationship, intuition over aged wisdom.

The Emperor
A father/daughter or authoritative person/gifted individual relationship.

The Hierophant
Co-operation of kindred spirits.

The Lovers
A matchmaker, to craft a situation.

The Chariot
To manage a situation through one’s charm and gentle persuasion.

Independance, to stay true to one’s nature.

The Hermit
Kindred spirits, to have much in common along with different points of view.

Wheel of Fortune
Expected cyclical change, stability within uncertainty.

A diplomat, to rule fairly wielding charm and compromise.

The Hanged Man
Escapism, to hide within one’s self.

To face situations with quiet resilience.

The weighing of options followed by contemplated action.

The Devil
The quiet person that surprises everybody.

The Tower
Prophecy of dramatic change.

The Star
To be certain of one’s destined path.

The Moon
To be in sync with nature, to know one’s destiny.

The Sun
Expansion of one’s horizon, getting out of your comfort zone.

To come to the end of a journey and reflect upon what was learned.

The World
Shared thought cohesion, hive mind action.