19. The Sun

As a person

Everyone has at some point met the sunshine person. They walk into the room and it’s as if all the woes of the world are lifted. Enthusiasm for miles, generosity, sincerity and a passionate love of life.The will often be described by others as good souls, and are most comfortable among others sharing their radiant benevolence.

They make the best companions a person could ask for as they cherish their friend’s interests as if they were their own.



When looking for a partner the most important thing is to be full of vibrant youthful energy, The Sun brings with it just that! It also suggests to look for romance where people are letting their hair down.

Festivals, concerts, the beach, these are places where people are more open and friendly. Find a place that makes you happy and you’ll find like-minded people.


Now is a time to celebrate! If your relationship hasn’t been going swimmingly, it’s about to change for the better. Disputes will dissolve into thin air, misunderstandings will evaporate and you’ll be blessed by an ocean of mutual adoration and affection.

Be sure to take the opportunity to make good memories to look back on, you can never have too many.

Career & Money

Not all that glitters is gold, but sunbeams are pretty close! If you’ve been looking for a little financial help to fall into your lap, it’s about to come tumbling out of the sky. You might be introduced to a person looking to hire or perhaps an investment is about to rocket upwards.

Either way, you’re about to enter a time of plenty where you’ll have more than enough good fortune to share.


The number 19 is often associated with the renewal of cycles. As one door closes, another one opens. Many a time we feel we should be rushing on to the next opportunity instead of taking a moment to appreciate what has been achieved.

It’s important to celebrate your own successes and those of others too.


The Sun is an excellent talisman to invoke:

  • enthusiasm for days
  • revitalization
  • good times
  • a sunny persona
  • open-heartedness
  • dispersion of negative energy


The Fool
To be at ease, to live a carefree life.

The Magician
A great turn of circumstances brings with it the opportunity to evolve.

The High Priestess
To not let a time of plenty get to one’s head.

The Empress
To find oneself in a garden of plenty.

The Emperor
A benevolent ruler that has your interest at heart.

The Hierophant
To be grateful for the gifts bestowed on you.

The Lovers
A blessed partnership.

The Chariot
To have been gifted with opportunity, and to take it.

A natural leader.

The Hermit
To be grateful for what one already has.

Wheel of Fortune
To have fortune turn in your favor.

To have plenty thanks to being fair.

The Hanged Man
Plenty brings with it the risk of laziness.

To live each day to the fullest.

To enjoy excess in moderation.

The Devil
To overindulge in hedonism.

The Tower
The collapse of a good situation.

The Star
To find a like-minded person.

The Moon
Relaxation brings with it reflection.

To be brought to account over previous hedonism.

The World
To be reliant on another.