18. The Moon

As a person

Dreamy, effervescent, cloaked in an aura of mystery, The Moon hypnotizes all that gaze upon them. They give the impression that they exist in several planes of reality at the same time, and for this reason never seem entirely present. Known for being highly intuitive, they have a tendency to observe situations they already know the outcome of.

Some may find this infuriating as they assume what they see is what everyone already knows, they often don’t.



For as single querent, The Moon often appears when one is overthinking things. Perhaps you have been hoping to get into better shape before looking for that certain someone, or maybe you’re hoping a family situation or your career will be more stable.

There’s never really a “right” time by our understanding, a soulmate will appear when they are meant to appear. Don’t wait for a better time, start looking today.


For a couple, The Moon often indicates that you may be letting your insecurities overpower you. If something is bothering you, it’s best to air the subject in a calm manner.

Sometimes situations look bad and wholly innocent, sometimes they are not, either way it is best traise the subject of what is bothering you instead of letting it fester.

Career & Money

Now is the right time to put your feelers out there and sense your surroundings intuitively. If you’ve been sensing an air of instability around you, it’s probably best to prepare for uncomfortable changes. Deception maybe a foot followed by a considerable amount of confusion.

When in doubt, take time to evaluate what you already have and how you may use it.


The number 18 is often associated with misunderstandings. You may feel confused and bewildered by a hidden interconnections that cannot be seen. When energies flowing under the surface are influencing your life, you may be prone to feeling insecure and letting your paranoia act up.

At times like this, it is good to remind yourself that what happens, happens for a reason.


The Moon is an excellent talisman to invoke:

  • intuition
  • the gift of foresight
  • patience to unravel a situation
  • the conclusion of a cycle
  • sensitivity
  • emotional detachment from an issue


The Fool
An emotional, melodramatic person.

The Magician
To focus on a task at hand, and harness all of one’s skills to resolve it.

The High Priestess
To bring forth a situation by sheer will.

The Empress
Being in sync with the natural flow of things, working with patience.

The Emperor
To be at the top of one’s field, to achieve greatness.

The Hierophant
To carefully contemplate and seek divine inspiration before acting.

The Lovers
Halcyon days, to be in a time of contentment.

The Chariot
To trust one’s intuition and run with it.

To be suspect of a situation that seems too good to be true.

The Hermit
Entrepreneurship, to work on an idea you intuitively know has promise.

Wheel of Fortune
Circular thinking, to be stuck in a loop.

To trust one’s intuition on what is fair.

The Hanged Man
Exhaustion, to need rest and renewal before continuing.

A situation that does not pause on one’s absence.

To slow down and reassess a process.

The Devil
To escape responsibility and indulge in hedonism.

The Tower
Emotional upheaval, a mental breakdown.

The Star
To reach for the moon and stars, maximum effort.

The Sun
To take a break and wait for the Sun to come up again.

To be at the mercy of one’s emotional decisions.

The World
To be in awe of something seemingly unattainable.