17. The Star

As a person

Dazzling smile, charisma and effortless grace. The Star is someone you’d expect to see on the silver screen. They may be down to earth, yet possess a personal magnetism that enraptures people with fascination.

They have the natural ability to make friends, not because they are particularly extrovert, but because everyone will go out of their way to be in their presence.



If you’ve been wishing upon a star, know that you’re not alone, your soulmate has been looking up at it too. Know that you will eventually meet the right person and in the meanwhile it’s important to not lose hope, you may yet have many lessons to learn before you meet.


Stars shine bright even in the darkest times. If you’ve been feeling unsteady about how things have evolved so far, know The Star illuminates your path promising a future bathed in rays of lights. Stay positive above all.

Career & Money

You will find yourself being propelled into the limelight. Your boss may have noticed your hardwork and earmarked you for greater things, a talent scout may have found your CV in their hands or a project you have been working becomes broadly adored overnight.

Public acclaim is indicated here, you’re the star of the show!


The number 17 is often associated with spiritual activity and internal balance. The number tells us to challenge ourselves, it also makes us reflect on how much we have achieved since setting off on our journey and how close we are to achieving our goals.

When your destination seems out of reach, remember the times when you felt the same and look how far you’ve come since then.


The Star is an excellent talisman to invoke:

  • stage presence
  • public acclaim
  • stardom
  • personal magnetism
  • faith and hope
  • perseverance to achieve one’s dreams


The Fool
One’s joyful naivety brings notoriety.

The Magician
To achieve recognition for one’s skills.

The High Priestess
Self-reflection brings with it elevation to a higher level of thinking.

The Empress
To be marked for greater things by destiny.

The Emperor
To be a rising star.

The Hierophant
A person that is a skilled analytical observer.

The Lovers
Destiny throws an unexpected partner in your path.

The Chariot
Star chasing, to reach for the sky.

To have the strength to follow one’s dreams.

The Hermit
To search for privacy in the face of public recognition.

Wheel of Fortune
To be at the mercy of the stars and their plans.

A reputable public figure, to be celebrated whilst staying grounded.

The Hanged Man
To be paralyzed by one’s dreams, fear in not succeeding.

To undergo radical transformation, to go supernova.

Letting yourself flow through destined cycles.

The Devil
Rebellion, to buck the status quo.

The Tower
Public recognition erodes one’s foundations.

The Moon
To find one’s path to stardom by following one’s intuition.

The Sun
Recognition brings with it earthly delights.

To rise to public acclaim and be unscrupulously judged.

The World
To be celebrated throughout the broader community.