15. The Devil

As a person

Charming, handsome, seductive, he says all the things you want to hear and sings praises to your vanity. Also known for being a profoundly good liar, he has the ability to rationalise any sin into a facade of reason. Go ahead, do it! He won’t tell, it’ll just be your little secret.

It is safe to say that you’re best off taking what he says with a pinch of salt, he’ll say anything to stay on your… good side?



The embodiment of sin most often turns his head when addiction and compulsion is in play. Perhaps you are hung up over a past relationship or you’re fixating on someone that is either not suitable or simply unavailable which is making you leave potential partners by the wayside.

The hardest thing one has to do is let go of an unwinnable situation, but in doing so it leaves us open to explore other bountiful opportunities.


When influenced by addictive carnal attraction, we tend to let the details slide. There’s a reason we have that little voice at the back of our heard nagging us, it’s usually because we’re missing something important.

Be sure to check the smallprint and keep an eye on your surroundings, issues can creep up and escalate at a moment’s notice.

Career & Money

You may be falling victim to a variety of addictions; workaholism, materialism or even narcissism. Letting one aspect of our life escalate out of control tends to affect other aspects. Try to re-align this imbalance by taking the time to focus on other aspects of life.

Spend time with family and friends, volunteer locally, plant some trees and practice gratefulness for the bounty you already possess.


The number 15 is often associated with ambitiousness and pride. In conjunction with these one can often find money and greed. It is possible to acknowledge that we live in a material world full temptation without being a slave to it.

Self-indulgence is good in moderation, ensure that you do not forget those that surround you.


The Devil is an excellent talisman to invoke:

  • a seductive persona
  • personal charm
  • pride in one’s talents
  • an addiction to something positive (exercise!)
  • a silver tongue
  • self-love


The Fool
To be enslaved to self-serving hedonism.

The Magician
To be misunderstood, to be the victim of a witch hunt.

The High Priestess
Too much self-reflection leads to narcissism and egocentrism.

The Empress
Someone that can easily lead others.

The Emperor
Someone that offloads their obligations on to others.

The Hierophant
To exorcise one’s demons.

The Lovers
An addictive, often self-destructive romance or partnership.

The Chariot
To let one’s addictions take control.

To take control and rule unfairly.

The Hermit
To be a lazy and socially-dysfunctional.

Wheel of Fortune
To be disinterested in changing one’s personal flaws.

To battle one’s greed and be fair.

The Hanged Man
To be limited by one’s lack of effort.

Dangerous, destructive behavior leads to doors being shut.

To keep one’s compulsions in balance.

The Tower
To let one’s addictions lead to destruction.

The Star
To make a deal with the Devil.

The Moon
To obsess over delusions.

The Sun
To enjoy frivolities and luxury at a cost.

To be brought to account over one’s compulsions.

The World
To be a slave to one’s most base desires.