14. Temperance

As a person

Known for being able to find balance in every situation, Temperance is the peace-maker. He can negotiate through any situation and make all parties see positive and negative aspects of their demands.

Patient, sometimes to a fault, he’s always trying to see the good in people even though sometimes it’s a huge stretch.



For a single querent Temperance could be a sign that expectations are too high. Consider evaluating what and how much are you willing to sacrifice to attract a partner.

If you have a jam-packed schedule, ensure to find the time to get to know someone on a deeper level.


For a querent in a relationship, the appearance of Temperance may indicate that there’s an imbalance. Are you living as partners or as two individuals next to each other?

Try to harmonize your schedules in such a way that you can make the mundane aspects of life a little more interesting by doing them together.

Career & Money

If you have been giving your all at work, it may be time to book that well-deserved vacation. To do truly good work, one needs to rest and recuperate between bouts of intense focus. It’s ok to let go of the reins for a while and recalibrate your mind to be its most efficient.


The number 14 is often associated with work ethic and charisma. The underlying quality of negotiation underlies the ability to achieve great things when it comes to leadership roles and negotiating business deals.

It’s indicative of the transformational process that happens between the beginning and end of a cycle.


Temperance is an excellent talisman to invoke:

  • the patience of a saint
  • open and honest communication
  • the lifting of roadblocks
  • an amiable persona to strangers
  • a grounded disposition
  • the silver lining of that cloud


The Fool
The perfect balance of whimsy and maturity.

The Magician
To work any crowd, to find the right combination.

The High Priestess
To find angelic patience.

The Empress
To receive reciprocal generosity.

The Emperor
The ability to facilitate negotiations between people.

The Hierophant
To rebalance one’s internal harmony.

The Lovers
A mutually beneficial relationship.

The Chariot
Directing personal drive to all necessary places.

To be a fair and just leader.

The Hermit
To be adrift on the winds of change.

Wheel of Fortune
To find balance in uncertainty.

Weighing all the pros and cons.

The Hanged Man
Indecisiveness, to be swamped by many options.

For a situation to be brought to a conclusion.

The Devil
To be seduced into greed.

The Tower
For the scales to tip irreversibly.

The Star
To struggle between humility and confidence.

The Moon
Reflecting on what is important and what is missing in one’s life.

The Sun
All good things in moderation.

To be fair and unbiased in one’s judgements.

The World
To sense the flow and ebb of a situation.