12. The Hanged Man

As a person

The Hanged Man leads his life in a persistent laissez faire attitude. There’s no reason to rush, it can all be done later. He can strike you as somewhat nihilistic in nature, he may have leanings towards martyrdom.

His lack of attachment to worldly realities can lead him towards sacrificing himself for the greater good.



The Hanged Man is usually an indicator that we have not found an object to bestow affection upon because really… we don’t want one.

Something is holding you back, it might be that you haven’t let go of a previous situation or you simply don’t have the time and space in your life to take on a relationship.


For a querent in a relationship, The Hanged Man may indicate a lul in the excitement of having found a partner. It may feel that the honeymoon phase is over and that you both have fallen into a phase of monotony.

Perhaps it’s time to organise a vacation or road-trip to yourselves out of the daily humdrum.

Career & Money

If you feel bored with your current job, it may be due to the fact that you aren’t being challenged. Take this time of calm to upgrade your skills or refresh your CV. Put yourself in a position to step forward when a new, challenging opportunity on the horizon.


The number 12 is often associated with the completion of a cycle, this is particularly apparent when you consider that a year is composed of twelve months. In Western Astrology, we focus on twelve constellations which lead us through a cycle of growth from newborn to wise learned sage.

This number reminds us to take the time to consider where we have been and where we are heading.


The Hanged Man is an excellent talisman to invoke:

  • a well-earned break
  • closure
  • calm in a racing mind
  • detachment from uncontrollable situations
  • time for reflection
  • bringing a situation to its conclusion


The Fool
To not move forward due to one’s foolishness, bad time management.

The Magician
To not finish what is started, disconcerted effort.

The High Priestess
To be held hostage by one’s own fantasies.

The Empress
A person that respects others boundaries, to give someone space.

The Emperor
A person that is surrounded by helpers but does not act.

The Hierophant
To have the patience to let something naturally evolve.

The Lovers
A love triangle, to be the third wheel.

The Chariot
To take a break after a long marathon.

To preserve one’s strength, waiting for the opportune moment.

The Hermit
The all-knowing master of circumstances, to be on schedule with destiny.

Wheel of Fortune
Taking a risk to get out of a rut.

Delayed justice.

Exhaustion, the need to take a break before starting something new.

Waiting for a situation work itself out.

The Devil
Sloth, to be lazy and self-indulgent.

The Tower
Mania, a radical change that explodes through stagnation.

The Star
Daydreaming, to fantasies.

The Moon
To be held hostage by one’s own insecurities.

The Sun
To not plan ahead and bask in one’s triumphs.

To wait for an outcome, to be held to account for one’s deeds.

The World
To complete a cycle.