10. Wheel of Fortune

As a person

The most difficult person to pin down. Always unassuming, they never toot their own trumpet. They’re the man behind the curtain. The quiet guy from IT that one day gets arrested for running a drug empire on the darkweb. Nobody knows their endgame, nobody knows if they’re even playing a game, and that’s just the way they like it.

Fascinating to watch up close, they will always surprise you! But also very flippant in terms of loyalty.



If being single is weighing down on your mind remember that everything happens for a reason. Destiny is waiting for you to learn something before the right person comes along.

Don’t spend your time in despair that it hasn’t happened yet, this is the best time to prepare yourself for great things on the horizon.


Outside forces may leave you feeling that your relationship is up in the air. A partner may have received a job offer that requires relocation whilst you’re content being where you are. Make a list of what you feel is most important.

If your relationship finds its way to the top, find flexibility within yourself. If not, bring the cycle to its conclusion.

Career & Money

The opposite. Whatever is happening at this moment in time, the opposite is about to happen. If you’re not managing to find any good job offers, you’re about to find three. If you feel you’ve been overlooked for a promotion, that’s because you’re about to get an even better opportunity.

As with all cycles, when you hit rock bottom you’re going to bounce back up.


The number 10 is often indicates the completion of one cycle and the beginning of the next. Going hand in hand with individualism and independence, the number assures us hat standing out is not necessarily a bad thing. With the digits 1 and 0 comes the connotation of balance between true and false, along with the fact that they’re the building blocks of the digital world we interact with.

Decisions, processes, forks in the road, as soon as we pass one we are faced with another. Find solace in the thought that when one door closes another opens.


The Wheel of Fortune is an excellent talisman to invoke:

  • fun random situations
  • changing of the tide
  • a touch of unpredictability
  • flexibility in the face of change
  • a poker face
  • a laissez faire attitude


The Fool
Taking risks that pay off.

The Magician
To gather a combination of skills that will make sense in the future.

The High Priestess
Expected deviations during cycles.

The Empress
A woman that can juggle any unexpected surprises.

The Emperor
A man that stirs things up.

The Hierophant
To trust in the process.

The Lovers
To stand by someone through thick and thin.

The Chariot
To work with situations as they appear, to be adaptable.

To take what is given and make it work.

The Hermit
A wise person that knows where to be in any situation.

Karmic reaction.

The Hanged Man
To be a slave to destiny.

Losing a bet.

To find humility in uncertainty, to go with the flow.

The Devil
An addiction to taking risks/gambling.

The Tower
Destiny throwing a curveball.

The Star
To be suddenly put in the limelight.

The Moon
Intuition shows you the path.

The Sun
To be dealt a fortuitous outcome.

A kangaroo court, to be swayed by arguments that are not just.

The World
For everything to find its place.