1. The Magician

As a person

It’s hard to take your eyes off this guy, when he’s not making quarters appear from your ear he’s pulling a bouquet of flowers out of his sleeve. It’s hard to know where to look when you’re in their presence, you think their focus is in one place but they surprise you with something you didn’t see coming.

They have the ability to turn their hand to anything they want, a true renaissance mind. A master manipulator of drawing attention to one’s self, The Magician has a knack for wowing you… and others.



In love for a single woman The Magician often represents a soul mate, somebody that embodies all the qualities she is looking for.

For a man it represents how he is being perceived by potential partners. Make yourself available to be found and get out there.


In a relationship The Magician often indicates deeper commitment in a relationship. Partners may find that they are going above and beyond for each and find a mutually beneficial reliance from the skills they possess.

An example would be where a man embodies a handyman whilst a woman a domestic goddess.

Career & Money

The Magician knows how to capture and audience and bring in the clams through his gift of stage presence. Half the trick of getting a promotion, a contract or a new position is to present yourself as being capable of doing a great job, the other half of course is doing a great job.

Charm, charisma and confidence will win you a meeting, a wide breadth of skills will prove you to be indispensable.


The number 1 is by definition the first, the day of the year, the first step on a journey, the first smile of a sweetheart. As we all know first impressions are important and leave a lasting taste of things to come.

To step forward and try something for the first time requires courage, to continue after the first step requires tenacity. Broadly speaking it’s indicative of starting a new cycle and opening up potential.


The Magician is an excellent talisman to invoke:

  • great fortune in learning new skills
  • one’s inner showman
  • a solution to a complicated problem
  • the creativity to start a new project
  • confidence in front of a crowd
  • the appearance of opportunities, as if by magic!


The Fool
Idealism in conjunction with egocentrism.

The High Priestess
A well-balanced partnership.

The Empress
To be the muse of a well-positioned person.

The Emperor
To be the boss's favourite.

The Hierophant
Being faced with narrow-minded obtuseness.

The Lovers
A new option appears.

The Chariot
To wield power and act decisively with it.

A skillful person that has the resilience to strive forward.

The Hermit
A reclusive genius, to be isolated by one’s skills.

Wheel of Fortune
An able person at the mercy of fortune.

To have an analytical mind wielding authority.

The Hanged Man
A flippant genius, to be clever at one’s leisure.

A daredevil with fortune on their side, a stunt performer.

A one-man band, a person that can adapt to any situation.

The Devil
A cynical manipulator, to use one’s skills unethically.

The Tower
The creator and destroyer, the ability to move mountains.

The Star
To be appreciated for one’s talents.

The Moon
Instinctual actions achieve results.

The Sun
The golden child, to be inherently blessed with capability.

Leading by example, holding others to one’s standards.

The World
A master of a subject, public acclaim.