0. The Fool

As a person

Charismatic, full of faith and high on life, The Fool somewhat resembles a hippy at Woodstock. They carry an absolute certainty that things will work out well no matter what, and for this reason they don’t fear taking risks.

They have a propensity for being lost in dreams and unable to manifest ideas in reality. Eternally young at heart and emotionally sensitive they can be easily wounded. With not having a care in the world comes the high risk of being irresponsible and flakey.



Familiar with the phrase a fool in love? Luck is on your side, and a potential suitor is just around the corner. This is a great time to take big strides into the world of dating and actively look for new partners.

Put your best foot forward and make it known that you’re available, fortune is on your side.


If you’re wondering about a partner, be warned that you’re dealing with a free-spirit that isn’t keen on being tied down. Although they have good intentions they are not known for being the brightest bulb in the box.

Sometimes it’s best to spell things out and clear the air before any issues escalate, subtle hints won’t be of much use.

Career & Money

The Fool brings with it great opportunity! Youthful energy avalanches into stagnant projects making anything seem possible.

If you’re looking for work a dream job it may fall into your lap when you least expect it. Luck is on your side regarding investments but do be sure to thoroughly read the small print on any contracts before signing.


The number 0 brings denotes new beginnings, fresh potential, cyclical events and infinity.

Representing wholeness and oneness it expresses trust in unfolding events and predeterminism; everything happens for a reason.


The Fool is an excellent talisman to invoke:

  • unexpected adventures
  • courage in the face of the unknown
  • prosperous new beginnings
  • a confident laid-back attitude
  • mirth and merriment
  • the luck of the fool


The Magician
The person with a golden touch, the ability to work miracles.

The High Priestess
Finding a balance between introspection and extrospection.

The Empress
A wild child/motherly figure relationship.

The Emperor
Playing court jester to the man in charge.

The Hierophant
A master/apprentice relationship.

The Lovers
Irrationality and whimsy, mad love.

The Chariot
Fly-by nutter, unexpected eccentricity out of nowhere.

Perseverance thanks to unwavering optimism.

The Hermit
Aged wisdom through mistakes.

Wheel of Fortune
A fool's luck.

Constraints on spontaneity.

The Hanged Man
To endure difficult situations with good humor.

The maturation of a wilful soul, not everything is fun and games.

Knowing a time and a place for exuberance.

The Devil
To escape responsibility and indulge in hedonism.

The Tower
Irrationality leads to self-destruction.

The Star
To be adored for one's whimsical nature.

The Moon
Good natured situations with underlying uncertainties.

The Sun
Naivety blessed with good fortune, all's well that ends well.

Self-reflection and evolution, the opportunity to realize potential.

The World
To be oblivious to limitations, to set out on a quest.