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Apollo says you will do everything successfully.

Anything you are working on will culminate in a successful conclusion, your goals will be met and you will have good luck in all activities.


With the help of Fortune you will find assistance in Apollo.

You find yourself at a critical crossroads, with Apollo’s help a fortunate choice will be made. Since Apollo is the Oracular god, the help could be prophetic in nature.


Gaia rewards your work with ripe fruit.

Your work and dedication is rewarded with a bountiful harvest. You will find a just reward if you put effort into your activities.


Ill-timed strength causes weakness.

Wait for an opportune moment to act. Ill-timed action can cause irreversible damage, patience is key.


You desire to see a righteous union.

Don’t become obsessed with your ideal outcome. What you think is a dream outcome could be in fact very burdensome. Be careful what you wish for.


Avoid the oncoming storm.

Don’t make a voyage in bad weather. Timing is inopportune to start new activities, wait for better timing instead of fighting the tide.


Helios watches over you.

Helios the enforcer of oaths and promises cares for those who are just and fair with others. The sun looks kindly on those who don’t act with deceit.


You have the support of the Theoi on this path.

The Gods will help and defend you on your current route, step forward with confidence and without fear.


There is more sweat than anything else.

Hard work is signified here, it may feel like the work is never quite finished but gumption leads to success. Find resilience to the struggle.


Endure the waves.

Perpetual waves can erode the strongest cliffs. Wait for a seemingly unrelenting situation to abate before trying to act against it.


The one passing on the left brings good fortune.

Something that at first glance appears sinister may be a blessing in disguise. Bad fortune is eventually followed by good fortune.


There will be great upheaval but it brings good change.

Fighting a difficult situation brings with it satisfaction. Hard work brings with it bountiful rewards.


A burdensome gift fulfills the Oracle.

A gift brings with it much strife and upheaval, it will also bring with it the answer to the querents question.


A withered tree bears no fruit.

Placating a difficult person is not beneficial to the querent. Don’t waste time on a situation that will have no good outcome.


Sowing no crops yields no harvest.

We reap what we sow. A positive outcome is achieved by due diligence, grab the bull by the horns and get to work!


Enduring many trials wins you the crown.

Persevere in the face of competition. Great struggles bring with them great rewards, now is the time to stand and compete.


You will continue with ease if you wait a moment.

Preserve your strength by holding your ground when difficulties arise. When the timing is right a solution will appear and will clear the path for you.


Apollo says “Stay, friend.”

Hold your ground and wait for the opportune moment to continue. Look for prophetic omens to know when the time is right.


Companions part around you.

Friends may scatter, enemies also. Travel may be indicated here, use this opportunity to make new connections.


The deed is a noble undertaking.

A pursuit most admirable, a hero’s quest. However every hero’s quest brings with it trials and tribulations.


Having done something carelessly, you blame the Gods.

Take responsibility for your actions and inadequacies. The Gods will help you help yourself, everything relies on your effort.


Your success will fulfill a golden Oracle.

The oracle will be fulfilled by you attaining your wish. This could be a fortuitous meeting, a golden opportunity or a lucky windfall.


You have the righteous judgement of the Gods.

Collective judgement is indicated here, what is meant to be is meant to be. The outcome of your situation is fair and righteous.


You will have a disappointing harvest.

Don’t grasp at unripe fruits, the rewards will be disappointing. Sometimes it’s better to take a loss and look for greener pastures.